We have implemented a number of innovative products to make our factory and showroom a safer space. We wanted to share these with everyone in the hope that it might help to keep some of your businesses safer in an effort to curb this unforgiving virus. If one business finds this helpful it would be amazing if it helps to save even one life and relieve some pressure from our amazing NHS.


We use a wall mounted iPad for our team and visitors (when allowed to visit) to sign in and out while recording body temperatures. It is very inexpensive with a small monthly subscription and has a number of other beneficial features. You can check them out at: www.swipedon.com

Umask Model 2

U-Mask Model2 Face Masks

We invested in the best face masks on the market. These are the first biotech face mask that protects you as well as others due to their anti-proliferative and self-sanitising filters. These are the same masks that most of the F1 teams have chosen to use. Not only do they offer a very high level of protection they are also extremely comfortable to wear and don’t muffle your voice. Here’s their website: www.u-mask.eu


We have only just ordered these wearable proximity alarms for everyone. They can be programmed via an app to bleep, flash and vibrate (or any desired combination) if two people get closer than a programmable distance between 1-3m. We will update this blog post once the team have used them for a week. They are only £25 so not a big investment for something that might contribute to saving a life. The other great feature is the included app that allows you to access contact tracing reports and to adjust device settings.

We also love the name of this product: Space Bands and we also like the fact that they are made in Britain by another home soil innovator: www.spacebands.co.uk

SpaceBand Green
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