Boutique Holiday Lodge

Leisure Accommodation

Bringing comfort and luxury to any type of landscape.

Leisure Range

Our Glamping Pods & Holiday Lodges

Eco-buildings that are structurally insulated, making them strong, heat efficient with effective soundproofing.
Relax, entertain and anything in-between

Flexible Space

A welcome addition to any landscape, whatever the purpose.
Insulated, soundproof and energy-efficient

Comfortable Space

our Glamping Pods and Holiday lodges are a comfortable stay any time of the year.
Personal sanctuary or meeting place

Your Space

Get away from the everyday, create the perfect secret escape.

Eco Friendly

Our entire range of buildings are designed to produce minimal waste and made in our green energy powered factory.


Highly Insulated

Habitable all year round. Our buildings are highly insulated making them energy efficient.


Low Maintenance

Quality materials are used to ensure longevity and usage for many years to come with minimal maintenance required.



Our structural insulated panels (SIPs) function extremely well in achieving soundproofing.

Flexible & Innovative

Leisure Accommodation Collection

Build Your Leisure Accommodation How You Want It

Doors & Windows

More details of the double glazed window and door options can be discussed in more detail with a member of our team who can guide you through what’s best for you.

Door Options

Cladding Options

We have a range of cladding options to customise your building with.






Order in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Choose your Size

The only limit is your imagination. We have a standard range of sizes however we are able to create bespoke size buildings on request.
Step 2

Select Your External Cladding

Choose your high quality external cladding to complete the over all look and feel of your building.
Step 3

Confirm Your Door & Window Configuration

Select how many windows and doors you'd like and where they are placed for your perfect Outerspace.
Types of Build

Flexible Build Solutions

Location and building size are no longer a problem with our flexible build solutions.

Self Build Kits

This self explanatory build solution is a fresh new way we can deliver to everyone who wants to construct an Outerspace building themselves.

Regardless of access-restricted or not, a flat pack kit comes safely packed on a pallet and delivered to your door with all the components you’ll need to build the solid structure of your building.

We deliver to anywhere that’s mainland in the UK.

Supplied & Fitted

A more traditional build solution with a money saving twist, for anyone looking for a fully finished building.

We have a growing network of pre qualified, professional and friendly fitters. Our national network of fitters allows you to find the nearest fitters to finish your building to the standards we adhere ourselves to.

We also offer a factory build option where your building can be delivered fully fitted and ready to use.

Find a recommended fitter nearest you by contacting us.

Order Timeline

Delivery to your door and with you between 2 to 6 weeks depending on how much customisation is wanted for your leisure accommodation.

Made in Britain

Proudly made in Britain. We design and manufacture all our buildings at our facility in North Wales.

Personal and professional ideas and in some cases a combination of both

Inspiration Board

Visit our showroom

Our showroom is open by appointment only in these strange times we’re living in.