Structural insulated panels also known as SIPs have been around longer than you may think, and they don’t just do what they say on the tin… They are much more.

  • Bracket
    Strong structural insulation
  • Bracket
    Cost effective
  • Bracket
    Eco friendly
  • Bracket
    Excellent at soundproofing
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    Save time, money & labour

In fact, famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright used SIP panels in some of his affordable housing in the 1930’S and 40’S. But it wasn’t until 1952 when SIPS technology took a significant step forward and the first foam core SIP was created.

Our SIPS consist of the best quality OSB board and filled with an environmentally friendly expanding foam, which (by the way) contains recycled vegetable oil, making them even more eco friendly.

Once they’re made they can be used as a whole panel or cut to specification and used in a combination to build the structure for a building of any design – that’s the beauty of SIPS.

The pre cut kit is then packaged up to form a flat pack kit and secured onto a pallet for safe delivery.


There are a few options available regarding the build. There are self build kits so everything is delivered in a kit form with instructions to self build or if preferred, we can introduce a qualified, registered installer to build it for you.

One thing to keep in mind with using SIP panels is that the possibilities are endless. That statement excites us and continues to help us on our mission.

Driven by passion, our mission is to: Create a little magic with innovative buildings that enhances the enjoyment of outside space.

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